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Sony Ericsson P1i: Stay Connected

As Sony Ericsson would say with this phone, bring your office everywhere! And they're right! The Sony Ericsson P1i is your mobile office. Email and several applications only found in your pc at your office are in the P1i. Read more to find out what are the other applications featured in this phone.


Sony Ericsson P1i: Stay Connected

A 3.2 Mega pixel camera is quite a kick with this phone as it focuses on business users with several of its features. And the best thing about the camera is that it also acts as a business card scanner. Just start up the scanner application and everything follows smoothly which ends up with you having all the details needed for your pleasure. A Bluetooth and WiFi enable phone, users are able to send and receive email via the phone at real time, just as you would using your computer.


The Sony Ericsson P1i uses the full QWERTY keyboard but let's users delve into the touch screen using the stylus. Multitasking is never a problem with the P1i. With it, people are never left behind. They are always connected.


Date: 12/18/08
Author: Faith M.
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