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LG Prada: Prada On Your Phone

After revealing that another phone company has partnered with a major and famous designer, LG has also partnered itself with a world famous fashion line - Prada and named it their new phone. Though it is never deemed to be sold as a high-end phone, The LG KE850 or LG Prada still is a high tech tri-band GSM mobile phone not to be taken lightly.

LG Prada: Prada On Your Phone

Simplicity is the key to LG Prada. The entire phone measures 12.5mm or 0.5 inch thick, even with its large 3 inch display, the LG Prada measures 99mmx54mm in dimension or 3.9inx2.1in in size making it very easy to hold and grab.

Being a tiny tot in size, the LG Prada is also very light in weight. It also has a resolution of 240x400 which makes it slightly higher than the typical QVGA dosplay. Offering 256,000 of color shades of display, still digital photos are captivatingly beautiful.

Giving LG Prada a chance won't harm anybody. If you want to show off and be surrounded by fashionistas around, LG Prada is the right choice.

Date: 12/14/08
Author: Faith M.
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