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Motorola Rokr E8: Rocking Your World

The Motorola ROKR(pronounced as rocker) E8 is a a 2G music phone by Motorola and was released in May 2008. The ROKR E8 has a creative feature called the Modeshift which allows an automatic change in the context of the keypad but it depends on the current function of the device. If it's on music mode, then certain buttons reveal or the context of the keypad changes to whether what application is activated.

Motorola Rokr E8: Rocking Your World

Feeling the Motorola Rokr E8 is an experience, with its slick phsyical appearance and smooth surface, users can still feel as if they are touching buttons as they press in to type or dial a number. Furthermore with the Modeshift feature, when making calls, the Rokr E8 would look like a cellphone but when features are changed like that of the music player, only music applications or certain buttons that involve the music player would be available. But rest assured that Motorola still has the sense to let users switch it back to normal mode as some would call it.


Date: 12/12/08
Author: Faith M.
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