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Panasonic TX320 cell phone specifications

Technical Specifications

The cell phone Panasonic TX320 works in networks AMPS and TDMA 800/1900 MHz.

This is a lightweight device, weighing only 87 grams. It has 119 mm of height, 45 mm of length and 20 mm of width. Has an external antenna.


The battery uses Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) technology, free of 'battery memory' effects.
The Panasonic TX320 allows you to talk up to 2.3 hours, in standby mode the battery lasts 8.3 days.


The phone has a LCD screen, standard for the time, which displays all necessary information in 4 lines.

Sounds, ringtones and alerts

The cell phone can play 6 Monophonic, 10 Melodies, 1 voice alert ringtones.
It also allows you to create your own ringtone melodies with the device.
The standard feature set of the Panasonic TX320 includes vibration mode for discreet notifications.
The phone also has a loudspeaker function. The sound volume can be adjusted both from the menu of the device and with hardware volume control buttons.

Messaging and other connectivity services

Email: Yes
Messages: SMS
Modem: Yes
Synchronization with PC: Yes


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